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Professional Security Officer



Program Overview


Program Requirements


The objective of the Professional Security Officer Training Program is to provide effective pre-service training for students interested in entering the security industry or related criminal justice careers.  This training will provide the basis for students to attain the highest degree of professionalism in their chosen career.  It may enhance the studentís employability in law enforcement and corrections by providing the student with educational foundation to build upon the criminal justice field.  A student is taught the specific knowledge, skills, and abilities, which may be applied from the studentís first day of employment in the private security industry.  This training program meets the Council of Law enforcement Education and Training requirements for both armed and unarmed security guards and private investigators.


Course Titles

Clock Hours

      Module I      
        History of Security   15  
        Report Writing   20  
        Security Supervision   15  
        Conducting Interviews   15  
        Principles of Force   15  
        Defensive Tactics   15  
        Merit Testing / Career Development   6  
      Module II      
        C.L.E.E.T. Phase I 20  
        C.L.E.E.T. Phase II 20  
        C.L.E.E.T. Phase III 35  
        C.L.E.E.T. Phase IV - Revolver 32  
        C.L.E.E.T. Phase IV - Semi 32  
      Total Clock Hours 240  

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