Career Programs Professional Security Security Specialist Schedule



CLEET only Course Offerings


CLEET Phase I Basic Course (Required for both Security Officers & Private Investigators)

Covers general topics that both security guards and private investigators should know. They include interpretation of the Security Guard and Private Investigator Act, first aid, fire safety, field notes, report writing, and legal powers and limitations.  20 hours


CLEET Phase II Security Guard Course

Covers those topics of particular interest to security guards. They include public relations, fixed post duties, patrolling, and investigating security incidents.  20 hours


Phase I & II are taught as a unit and consist of forty (40) hours of classroom and practical exercise training. All manuals and supplies are included in the course tuition.


Phase I & II tuition:  $150.00


NOTE: Persons desiring the Armed Security Guard License must complete Phases I, II, & IV.


CLEET Phase III Private Investigator Course                                Tuition:  $250.00

Topics include responsibilities to clients, laws pertaining to private investigators, Fair Credit Reporting Act, conducting investigations and surveillance, and locating and communicating information. This is a thirty five (35) hour course. All manuals and supplies are included in the course tuition.


NOTE: Persons desiring the Armed Private Investigator License must complete Phases I, II, III & IV.


CLEET Phase IV Firearms Course                                       Tuition:  $400.00 for COPS Phase I & II Students

                                                                                                Tuition:  $450.00 for all others

Covers safety related issues, operation, care and maintenance of the revolver and holster, legal issues and deadly force, and range procedures. Twenty (20) hours of this thirty-two (32) hour course are spent on the range. Firearm qualification is required for successful completion of this course. A psychological evaluation (MMPI) is required and is included in our course tuition. The use of our revolvers or semi-automatic pistols, safety equipment, manuals, range fees, and supplies are included in the course tuition. Students are required to furnish 100 rounds of ammunition.


NOTE:  Students wanting the option to carry both weapons must take the course twice, once with each type of firearm.